The Blues is an important part of America's heritage. With roots going back to the multi-cultural Deep South centuries ago, the Blues became the foundation for many musical art forms that we have today.  The Blues Society of the Ozarks sponsors initiatives to educate young people via our Blues in the Schools program.

As an affiliate of the National Blues Foundation, our mission is to preserve and educate people of all ages about blues music.  Blues music is a part of America’s heritage and is the foundation for most of the popular music forms in American music today.  Blues Societies nationwide provide this service to students across the country. 

Goals of our BITS program include:
> Learn the connection between the Blues and other music styles
> Understand and recognize rhythm and how to keep a beat
> Discover how instruments make the sounds they do
> Find rhythms, metaphors or similes in a song
> Learn how music styles can change based on geography and instrument

If you're interested in bringing BITS to your school, please let us know by sending a message from the CONTACT US page.